BUGFAST unlocks the full potential of your test assets.  It empowers business analysts to create, execute and maintain automated test scripts and eliminates the gap between business and technical testing teams.

With the BUGFAST solution, test cycles that normally take 2-3 weeks using a dozen manual testers can be completed in less than two days with only two resources.

Most important, BUGFAST instills the confidence that comes with knowing a critical application has been thoroughly verified.  Extensive reporting on every validation step ensures surprise-free software releases.

The BUGFAST solution is fully certified by HP and integrates with both QTP and QC.  SoftSol, as the solution manufacturer, is an HP Silver Business Partner.  The BUGFAST software is certified for HP Interperability, confirming its compatibility with past, current, and future versions of HP Software.  Finally, the personnel who implement the solution and automate your existing test cases are all HP Accredited Integration Specialists.

BUGFAST is effective because it draws the best aspects from each of the leading test automation approaches, including modularization, library structure, keyword driven, and descriptive programming.

The solution offers advantages for every phase in the testing process.  BUGFAST AutoGen speeds the creation of automated scripts.  Fully segregated data sources provide versatility and reusability in data design.  Simple yes/no flags allow analysts to easily select the combination of tests to execute.  And componentization makes it simple to accommodate changes to the application, even during periods of rapid development.

To schedule an onsite demo or initiate a POC in your environment, contact a SoftSol solutions engineer.

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