IntelliCourt Case Management - Traffic
Outdated traffic citation management systems cannot keep pace with the rapid expansion of documentation, legislation, web access requirements, and the sheer caseload court systems face. These limitations can cause repeated delays, compounding the workload on court personnel responding to public concerns.

IntelliCourt™ Traffic was designed to address the specific pain points felt by courts operating in today’s environment. It was developed in close partnership with one of largest counties in the US to ensure it solved real challenges while reducing complexity.

Four principles guided the design of IntelliCourt:

  • Incorporate the latest proven technology to facilitate access and compatibility
  • Configurable workflowfor processes unique to individual courts
  • Compliant with legislation, auditing, reporting, and interface requirements

Single-point access to every event, document, decision, and payment associated with a case
IntelliCourt provides each person involved in the case management process with immediate access to information they need as well as the tools required to keep allteam members on the same page. The following links provide more information about features designed to empower each roles in court case management:

As the most robust and versatile traffic case management tool currently available, IntelliCourt can accommodate the needs of stand-alone courthouses or large multi-location court systems serving jurisdictions greater than 2 million residents. The following is a partial list of the features IntelliCourt provides:

  • Automated compliance tracking
  • Detailed case history and audit trail
  • Directory of case participants
  • Time-standard enforcement
  • User work queues
  • Forms and reports generation
  • Money management and accounting
  • Configurable workflow
  • IVR and Web Access for court dates, payments, and due date extensions
  • Imaged documents associated to related case events
  • Table-driven bail calculation and fund distribution
  • Multi-level security for application features and data access
  • Compliant with legislation
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