About The Solution

We see connected data in insurance claims, medical bills, financial transactions, IT network data, communications records etc. The best way to understand and uncover the relationships among the entities in the data is visualizing these in graphical way. A visual representation of data, in the form of graphs, helps us gain actionable insights and make better data driven decisions based on them.

SoftSol’s Link Analysis solution is based on the network graph theory that helps our clients to analyze the data and find patterns and suspicious connections in vast amount of data and helps them take further action or automates their business processes.

The Link Analysis graph consists of “Nodes” and “Edges” that not only establishes the connection, it also provides information about how other attributes can be used to characterize the type of link as well as its strength. In particular, link analysis is critical for mapping and then understanding spheres of influence.

Some of the use cases of Link Analysis are –

  • Marketing Analytics – Link Analysis can be used to figure out the most active people in a Social Network. Advertisers and Marketers can use people and their contacts to effective spread out their message through the most influential people in a Social Network
  • Banking Transactions – Link Analysis can be used to find unusual patterns to identify fraudulent transactions. The following the money trail identified by links in the graphs transactions between the accounts can be easily identified which helps in uncovering the networks and gangs
  • Supply Chain – Link Analysis helps in identifying optimum routes for delivery trucks and in identifying locations for warehouses and delivery centers
  • Insurance Claims and Medical Bills – Link Analysis can effectively used to identify the number of visits and preferential treatment given by doctors (or providers) to their patients (Claimants) and also the frequent referrals made by one physician to others. This helps in identify the fraud schemes such as kickback for referrals and uncover other suspicious connections and collusions

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