Technologies are rapidly changing and with it the healthcare industry is advancing. Technology has helped by improving outcomes for patients and doctors alike. With the Internet of Medical devices, you have the capability to monitor and track medical readings remotely. You can make more accurate diagnoses using AI and get examined by doctors remotely. AI/ML based technologies are being aggressively used for fraud detection and cost reduction helping to make healthcare not just more accessible but affordable too!

SoftSol Contribution

SoftSol has been working with organizations in healthcare industry by supporting them to enhance and maintain business critical systems. Primarily was involved in data management, automation testing and maintaining the systems to comply with regulatory changes.

SoftSol has also developed a solution to detect fraud and reduce cost of the health care insurance agencies. The solution uses modern tools to ingest the data from various sources such as medical billing system, pharmacy prescription database, claims etc., and uses AI/ML algorithms to uncover fraud related to billing irregularities, excessive testing and unbundling.

SoftSol has also transformed a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which manages laboratory processes and tracks specimen data for a leading biotechnology company. The application plays a critical role in drug discovery in compliance with government regulations and supports nearly 500 investigators, pathologists, lab supervisors, and lab technicians. Its complex business logic handles requests for analyzing DNA gene expression, among other critical business processe. An intricate GUI of this application facilitates real-time data entry and analysis in the laboratory setting.

Success Stories

Genentech Entrusts SoftSol with Migration of its Critical Laboratory Information Management System


SoftSol deploys solution for fraud detection and prevention in medical bills


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