Innovations in the media industry are driven by the digital transformation of the content that has enabled the delivery of on-demand services and access to the content anytime and anywhere providing memorable experiences.

Technology innovations based on IoT and Cloud computing complemented by increase in mobile and internet penetration is enabling media houses to deliver smart services and stay connected with consumers 24×7.  For consumers “being connected” is a new way of life which has forced the media industry to adapt to new digital processes of creating, distributing and monetizing the content.

SoftSol Contribution

SoftSol has been working with enterprises in media industry for over a decade by helping them transform mission critical systems used for managing consumers and media services such as digital channels. SoftSol has invested in developing solutions based on data analytics that helps companies to get consumer insights across many channels and devices, allowing them to deliver relevant and meaningful experiences.

SoftSol has developed expertise in this specialized industry by developing customized solutions for its customers. As a case in point, SoftSol’s involvement in developing a newer version of HBO’s critical Subscriber Management and Revenue Tracking System were the foundation in developing our expertise in the media industry. This business-critical application is used by the Cash and Revenue Operations department (CRO) for billing and tracking subscription revenue. This application supports various critical functions in day-to-day operations like Affiliates.

SoftSol’s experience lies in developing applications for Subscriber Entry, Subscriber Inquiry, Deals, Accruals, Billing, Invoices, Administration, and Billing Batch Process. Using these applications, our customer is able to manage complex billing channels, including direct-to-consumer and business-to-business.

Success Stories

No Drama in SoftSol’s Ahead-of-Schedule Completion of HBO’s Mission-Critical MIDAS Application


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